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Our current specialty ales on Tap are:  

Latte Porter w/ Tiramisu

Coconut Porter

Bloody Bad Blood Orange IPA


This Ale will take the novice to new level of beer drinking.     

7.4 % ABV    


This light ale, has German and Czech hops, which create the subtle characteristics of a pilsner. 5.7 % ABV

This specialty beer is crafted with the addition of forty pounds of honey, which is added during the boil and provides a distinctive character. While the sweetness is generally removed during the fermentation, the honey character can be detected in both the aroma and flavor of the beer.  6.0 % ABV

India Pale Ale is a hoppy golden ale typically having citrusy and floral aromas. Hop flavor & bitterness is inevitably quite high.  8.0 % ABV

This black and opaque stout combines nine different specialty malts, which provide a dominant malt flavor with caramel and chocolate like notes. Served on an English hand pump, the full bodied, medium hopped stout is rich and creamy, low in carbonation and extremely mellow and smooth. 6.0 % ABV

Craft-brewed pale ales tend to be lighter in color and hoppier than their English counterparts. Dispensed through a hand pump, the end result is a rich creamy & foamy head. The CO2  level is considerably lower than the other ales and is served several degrees warmer.   6.0 % A/V

The Red Amber Ale is crafted using a high percentage of caramel specialty malts, that provide the deep reddish-amber hue, and a nutty flavor profile.

5.9 % ABV

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All Ales served at San Marcos Brewery & Grill are produced on premise by: Two Docs Brewing Co., Inc, San Marcos, California